Tsolak Shahinyan was born in 1964 in Gyumri, Armenia.
After leaving secondary school in 1980, he moved to Yerevan to study at an art college in P.
Terlemezyan. After graduating from that college he went on to study at an Art Academy. At the
Academy he had a specialization in ceramics.
Tsolak believes that family has played a central role in his life and work. The Armenian family
traditions play a significant role in the working themes of his creations. The various seasons of the
year dictate his creative style and activity. He enjoys painting in the summer months, and working with
ceramics during winter months. However, he has found ceramics to be more of his passion than the
painting. He feels that working with clay is more relaxing, especially during the difficult months of the
Tsolak finds Hripsime Simonyan as an inspirational figure. In his artwork, Tsolak works to bring
together elements of many artistic interests, combining ceramic figures with drawing, and
incorporating other items such as yarn or tapestry.
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Tsolak Shahinyan